Leigh Gallagher is a writer of fiction.

Go Into the Room

Go into the room. It’s easy, you have a key. This is the room of a person you’ve long been close to and have long wanted to be closer to, though something in this person’s manner—the way they look away while speaking, the way they hesitate with their hands—solidifies your distance. You are a part of the world, and the world is a thing to be kept at bay. They are clumsy and inexact with language; have difficulty squeezing thoughts into words.

The person who lives here is out, but they’ve left the doors to their cabinet open. You can’t help but snoop in this metaphorical diary. A clay goblet confesses irrational jealousy. An assemblage of sticks is an old grudge, held close. A mauve squiggle is the story of a recent epiphany while crossing the street; a sense of time’s pattern captured, then lost again. 

Go Into the Room is a nine-part prose meditation on the paintings of artist and collaborator Paul Wackers, appearing in the catalogue You Are Welcome Here. Published by Alice Gallery, Brussels, November 2017.